miércoles, 8 de diciembre de 2021

180 dead today in Britain from Covid-19. Why?

 Something is going on in the Island of the Dead.

 Almost everybody is vaccinated and yet the hospitals are full and even the ambulances outside.

 Never mind the Government lies, 180 today they say, and yesterday an the day before the figures were like 20-40 they said.

Because it was the week-end and the British do not go to work weekends.

So it is about 200 deaths every day and that has been going on for more than a month.

 Even if people go to parties and don't wear masks and the pubs are,  -half full I would say, but people stay for too long, why they can't just drink, talk in low voice and leave?

 The vaccines work -I am vaccinated, and what I read is that Oxford Astra Zeneca keeps the antibodies up, as it should. 

And medical treatments in Britain count among the best in the world, and no mistake.

 So this doesn't make sense, and don't blame the ómicron variant, it has hardly infected yet anybody.

I think there's a different explanation, but, I am sorry, I am poor, a very poor biologist.

If you want to know my insight, pay me please, and pay me plentry.

I think that me saving the British when rich and famous scientists are failing their people, deserves a good prize.

Otherwise, keep 200 dying every day, a horrible death and a terrible waste and expense.

PS. I wrote that in December 2021, a month ago.

And now in January 2022 these past two months the dead have been around 300 every day, some days 360, today 330.

In a country almost totally vaccinated, many people have now three doses of the vaccine.

As I say, something else adds to the virus, something has weakened the population of Britain.

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